October 4, 2011

Jackson's 1st Birthday

Jackson turned 1 on September 27th. I still can't believe that he is one. He just seems to little to be one. He is my little man and I am so glad to have him in my life. Happy 1st Birthday Jack!!

Jackson now has 4 teeth 2 on the top and bottom. She loves to jump and as soon as someone picks him up and puts him in their lap he is jumping. He is always jumping when I get him in the morning or from his naps.
He is still just crawling , which I don't mind because he will seem littler longer.
He is a big boy and wear 18-24 month shirts but has short legs and wears 12month pants.
He says mama when he is really sad and dada when he is really happy.
He sleeps from 9pm to anywhere between 9 am and 11am. and usually naps for 3 hours in the day.
He is usually happy if someone is paying attention to him otherwise he wines.
I love you baby Jackson!!

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